Justin Peck

Off-Road Racer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Mental Health Advocate
'Bulletproof' Available Now

​I turned back to the half-finished note I had written to her. My heart breaking and the tears flowing. I set the notepad down, reached into the truck’s console, grabbed my pistol. Loaded it. Put it to my head and pulled the trigger.

I Knew It Was Finally Time

But I wasn’t fine. A few weeks later, I found myself deep in a dark hole that I just couldn’t get myself out of. As I lay there in the darkness of my room letting my thoughts wander, I remembered the brochure I had read in the doctor’s office. I knew I needed to fix this problem that had affected me nearly my whole life. I had to find out what was wrong with me, why I kept being sucked into dark, debilitating depressions, only to rebound hard into being super productive and full of energy. Why was I like this? But it wasn’t until that fateful morning that I knew it was finally time.

The World Can Be Chaos

All I knew is that when I sat behind that wheel, in the enclosed private space of my car, my space, my world was calm and peaceful. It was my own private space and ultimately became the place that was my safe zone. Even now, when I pull into the driveway of my home after a long day at work, I’ll sit in my car for a while and just listen to my music as I decompress. The world can be chaos outside, but behind the wheel, it’s calm and peaceful.

"Bulletproof" Testimonials

Deep. Moving. Inspirational. Needed. A read that you'll remember for many years to come.

Greg S.

If you are in need of inspiration, understanding, or support, this book is a must. Reminder that you are NOT alone.

Jess T.

Inspiration to keep pushing forward at it's truest form. Highlighting vulnerability, perseverance, and an intangible amount of strength. 10/10.

Josh R.